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The large Federation Bowl is a made from a bacteria free material- Melamine.

Each bowl comes with a stainless steel insert that can be removed for easy cleaning.

We have also attached a slip retardant edge on the base of the bowl to prevent your loved one slip sliding their food or water all over the place.

Size Guide

Large 24 cm x 24 cm x 8 cm... volume 700 ml

Price: $25.90

New antler perches for our fine feathered friends! Long-lasting and durable, our perches contain no chemicals or preservatives.

They are easy to clean and sanitize but most importantly, a Scout & Zoe's antler perch is a great source of natural calcium and helps keep beaks smooth!

Perfect size for small to medium sized birds.

Price: $16.00

Just like our small avian perches, our larger birdie pals will enjoy the durability of these oversized antler perches. As always, there are no chemicals or preservatives on our naturally shed antlers.

Easy to clean and sanitize, these perches keep beaks smooth and are a great source of natural calcium!

Perfect size for medium to large sized birds.

Price: $34.00

We know birds love to chew. And now, they have something that is interesting and long-lasting.

Combining colorful items with our yummy antler chews, these toys will provide small to medium sized birds with hours of chewing pleasure!

Oh, did we mention the antler chews are packed full of natural calcium and phosphorous? Yeah, we got that too!

Price: $36.00

We have crafted these colorful antler toys for our larger feathered friends to enjoy.

Hours of chewing fun as well as the added benefit of natural calcium and phosphorous. What's not to love?

Price: $48.00