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The large Federation Bowl is a made from a bacteria free material- Melamine.

Each bowl comes with a stainless steel insert that can be removed for easy cleaning.

We have also attached a slip retardant edge on the base of the bowl to prevent your loved one slip sliding their food or water all over the place.

Size Guide

Large 24 cm x 24 cm x 8 cm... volume 700 ml

Price: $25.90

Ultra tasty and very healthy, these treats are the right choice for your trusted steed or filly!

What makes them so good? We use only human grade raw ingredients that are sourced and produced in the USA. So these are safe and high quality.

No chemicals or preservatives are used so the carrots are as natural as you can get!

Rich in Beta Carotene, Vitamin C and Fiber.

The package contains 10 oz / 283.5 g of yummy carrots.

Price: $18.99

Your horsey will be begging for these treats! USA sourced and produced, these taters are as natural as you can get.

There are no chemicals or preservatives on our treats. Just human grade raw sweet potatoes that are dehydrated to yummy goodness.

Rich in Vitamin C, Dietary Fiber and Beta Carotene.

Each package is 16 ounces / 453.5 grams.

Price: $24.99