Our dog treats are good for people too.

Our products are packaged and labeled by intellectually disabled individuals at the Hopewell Center in Anderson, Indiana.

At Hopewell, they learn job skills that can help them live independent lives. Every purchase you make of Scout & Zoe’s helps us support their important mission. Along with supporting their mission, you can also support the mission to protect our rivers.

Our Fish on A Mission® treats are trying to reverse the ecological issues caused by Asian carp which are overtaking Midwestern water ways. By turning these fish into treats for dogs and cats, we’re providing a nutritious and healthy option while decreasing the populations of this invasive species.

In addition, our Fish on A Mission® treats are processed at a facility operated by a second-chance employer. They’re providing jobs for people with prison records who otherwise may have a challenge finding gainful employment.

By purchasing Scout & Zoe’s, you’re not only doing something wonderful for your pet, you’re helping wonderful people too.