How technology and innovation is helping our fur family

Human and pet relationships have been a critical part of our experience on earth for thousands of years, with examples of pet ownership dating back to over 16,000 years ago!

Back then, we imagine man’s best friend had a rougher experience when dining with their human, most likely getting scraps and bones that have been discarded.

Then, we watched the evolution of pet food shift with the first commercial pet food brand being founded in 1860 after a businessman witnessed dogs enjoying biscuits on ships discarded by sailors. This led to the creation of the first dog biscuit using a mix of beetroot, beef blood, and wheat, and quickly found popularity among animal lovers.

As we continue to learn how sentient our pets are and the human-animal bond becomes even more solid, so has the range and breadth of pet food available, from cheap kibble to gourmet dog food on delivery. The more mass-produced the food became, the more we realized how toxic many of the treats and meals could be, and that wasn’t acceptable.

With great knowledge comes great power, and it also includes a better understanding about how we feed our best fur friends in a way that sets them up for good health and a comfortable life.

When we decided to create allergy-free treats that pets loved, it came because of the experience we had with our own dogs who had allergies. We researched and experimented with an aim to ensure they could still enjoy delicious treats that didn’t irritate their stomachs, skin, or any other part of their bodies.

This is why ensuring human-grade dog food became critical.

Okay, so while not everyone is game enough to eat black soldier fly larvae (it won’t hurt you, should you dare!) and your dogs will not only love the taste, but you’ll feel good knowing the treats from Scout and Zoe’s are filled with protein and DHA

Using research and innovation to create treats that take care of our pets’ nutrition and health, the way they take care of our hearts, is what we are all about

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