Scout H. Quirk

It’s almost been a year since we lost Scout. I’d love to tell you that time heals wounds, but I’d be fibbing. Truth be told, the loss of my precious boy hurts as much now as it did in October. 

Here is his obituary I just couldn’t bring myself to post. 

I love you Scout!https://www.youtube.com/embed/yb8yVacFvl0

Scout H. Quirk

June 15, 2008 – October 27, 2021

Handsome. Sweet. Snuggly. Whirlwind. Boundless energy. Unbridled joy. These are all very appropriate descriptions of our Scout.

His middle name is Handsome. Because he was.

The gentle soul we called our “Bubby Boy,” crossed over to the next phase of his journey on Wednesday, October 27, 2021. He was thirteen years old. To say we are heartbroken is a huge understatement.

Born on Sunday, June 15, 2008 (Father’s Day), Scout joined our family in August when he was eight weeks old. Because Steve wanted to make certain Scout bonded with him on the ride home, Zoe and I awaited their arrival at home. The very first thing Scout did was hide underneath the truck while Zoe barked at him. That was the beginning of a very loving and joyful relationship.

Just being a puppy, Scout soon became the thorn in Zoe’s side that Zoe had been in Harry’s side when she was a pup. Karma always comes back around! Never deterred, Scout eventually won Zoe’s tolerance, love and constant companionship.

In his younger days, Scout always flew out the back door and sailed down the hill seeking adventure. He could do a lap around our two acres in less than 30 seconds. Our yard still has runways all through the woods from Scout carving paths down and around the ravine each time he was outside.

Scout had the best smile in the world. Although he could look very stoic with his resting German Shorthaired Pointer face, his smile melted our hearts every single time.

Scout, and his big sister Zoe, were the inspirations for the inception of the company bearing their names, Scout & Zoe’s Premium Pet Products. Both Scout and Zoe suffered from allergies so all products introduced into the line are vetted for tolerance of canine allergens.

So many stories come to our minds as we remember our precious boy. Most memories bring a smile to our faces; other memories bring a flood of emotions and tears. There are never enough photos to remember every aspect of his life. Scout’s life was one lived in the moment, to the absolute fullest, with all the joy and love he had in his soul. We should all be just like Scout.

When Scout became a big brother to Ziva, his world was disrupted just like he rocked Zoe’s world when he was a puppy. The day we introduced Puppy Ziva to Scout, he foamed at the mouth. Not just a little bit of foam; think shaving cream foam. And lots of it! Not just that one time; for three days straight. Every time Ziva came near Scout, he would foam at the mouth. We seriously thought Scout was allergic to her. Turns out, Ziva made him very nervous. They eventually worked things out. Although Ziva was a pain in Scout’s rear, it was up to Scout to teach her what was what. Over the past five years, they became besties and truly loved each other.

Scout leaves a legacy not many canines are able to achieve. He was part of a company that has, and will continue to, change the lives of millions of pets globally. He and Zoe were the catalysts for the vision of Scout & Zoe’s…..do good for the pet, do good for the Earth and do good for the community. The contributions of these two gentle souls will always be remembered and revered.

Ultimately, cancer took Scout away from us. Cancer robs every one of us of so much. If not for the cancer, Scout was fit as a fiddle and ready to relax in any sunbeam he could find or snuggle as close to his Momster as possible, underneath any available blanket.

Scout’s family included his Momster – Cindy, Dadster – Steve, and little sister – Ziva. Our hearts are heavy without his bright personality to bring smiles to our faces.

Here’s to a life well lived. A life lived in the moment with all the love and joy he could muster. Godspeed Scouty Scout, little Bubby Boy, Peep-Pa, Peach-A. Our precious, beautiful baby boy. We miss you.

You haven’t disappeared. You have only gone ahead, just around the corner. 

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