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Carpius Maximus Carp Spears for Cats

$9.98 or $9.48 / month
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Carp Spears for Cats: Purr-fectly Crafted Delights with Omega-3 Boost! 🐟🐱 Whisker-Twitching Goodness: Introducing Carp Spears specially crafted for your

Catazztic Lamb Lung, Larvae + Nooch

$14.99 or $14.24 / month
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Catazztic Lamb Lung, Larvae + Nooch, Delight! What’s Nooch?: Unveil the gourmet realm with “NOOCH”! Abbreviated from Nutritional Yeast, this

Catazztic Larvae + Nooch

$16.99 or $16.14 / month
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Catazztic Larvae + Nooch Cat Treats: The Pinnacle of Feline Delight! Artisan Craftsmanship & Exceptional Ingredients: Introducing Catazztic Larvae +

Catazztic Salmon, Larvae + Nooch

$18.99 or $18.04 / month
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Catazztic Salmon, Nooch + Larvae Cat Food Topper: For a Feline Feast that’s a Notch Above! 🐱✨ Handcrafted Excellence &

Lamb Lung Cat Treats

$13.99 or $13.29 / month
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Looking for a treat that your cat will really love? Try our crunchy lamb lung. This tasty tidbit is created

Liver Powder Food Topper

$22.99 or $21.84 / month
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Do you have a feline friend who is a picky eater? Or is she under the weather and needs a

Munchworthy Minnows

$19.98 or $18.98 / month
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Scout & Zoe's Munchworthy Minnows Freeze Dried Dog & Cat Treats | All Natural Snack | Made & Sourced in USA - 1 ounce (1 oz / 28.34 grams)
  • WILD CAUGHT IN WISCONSIN: These minnows are sourced from the clear, clean waters of Wisconsin, ensuring that your pup or kitty is getting the best quality possible.
  • FREEZE DRIED FOR MAXIMUM NUTRITION: Our minnows are freeze dried to lock in all the nutrients and flavor, making them irresistible to your kitty or pup.
  • 100% MINNOWS: No fillers or additives here! Just pure, delicious minnows that will keep your dog entertained and healthy.
  • TRAINING MADE EASY: These minnows are perfect for training your pup. They're easy to grab and hold, making them a great reward for good behavior.
  • Our Freeze Dried Minnows are chocked full of vitamins and minerals that dogs need. Irresistible for cats and dogs!
  • Gluten, grain, soy, dairy, antibiotics, and hormone free. Just with all of our treats, there are no chemicals, preservatives and things you can't pronounce.
  • Ingredients: freeze-dried minnows
Each package is 1 ounce. Scout & Zoe's is a woman owned and powered business.