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Super Fly Black Soldier Fly Larvae

$16.99 or $16.14 / month

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From Scout & Zoe’s, the Innovators in Black Soldier Fly Larvae Nutrition: Unveiling the Super Fly Larvae Treat! 🐶🌍🐱

Eco-Friendly, Nutritious & Proudly American: As the pioneers in Black Soldier Fly Larvae treats and food, Scout & Zoe’s proudly presents the pinnacle of sustainable pet nutrition with Super Fly Larvae. Sourced and crafted with unwavering commitment in the USA, this treat represents the fusion of ecological responsibility and peerless nutrition.

The Scout & Zoe’s Distinction: Our relentless quest for innovation brings you the Super Fly Black Soldier Fly Larvae treat. Firmly believing that bugs are the protein of the future, we’re leading the pack in transforming pet nutrition.

A Sustainable Symphony of Nutrients: Rooted in the essence of Black Soldier Fly Larvae, our treat is an embodiment of nourishing compounds. Laden with high protein, lauric acid, rich amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, essential minerals, and vitamins, it promises profound nourishment in every bite.

Beneficial Bugs: Our chosen larvae actively champion the environment by consuming restaurant food waste. Their impressively small carbon footprint solidifies their status as a sustainably stellar novel protein source. Suitable for a wide range of pets – from dogs to amphibians – they bring together eco-friendliness and nutrition in a blend that’s undeniably fly.

Versatile & Delightful: Super Fly Larvae is the epitome of versatility. Be it a dog, cat, reptile, or amphibian, a serving of these treats promises an elevated culinary experience.

Seal of Quality: As trailblazers in this domain, Scout & Zoe’s is devoted to innovation without ever compromising on quality. Be certain, our Super Fly Larvae is guaranteed 100% not too weird, but utterly perfect for your pets.

PS: When you choose Super Fly Larvae, you’re endorsing a shared dream. A dream where stellar pet health converges with a flourishing planet. Join us in savoring this vision, one treat at a time.