Super Swarm Black Soldier Fly Trio

$55.68 or $52.90 / month


Super Swarm Canine Snackies: A Treat That’s Good for the Earth and Good for Your Pet! 🐾

Dive into the Super Fly Experience: Discover our Super Swarm trio – a delightful selection curated especially for your cherished four-legged friend. Each pack shines with three distinct black soldier fly offerings: mouth-watering jerky, tantalizing food topper, and crispy whole larvae. Each package in the trio weighs a lavish 3 ounces, for extended joy with each nibble.

🌍 Sustainability Meets Nutrient Power: Choose treats that are good for the earth and exceptional for your pet! Black Soldier Fly Larvae not only symbolize an eco-friendly protein solution but are also bursting with nutrients, delivering a potent dose of high-quality protein. It’s a treat that makes Mother Nature and your pet equally happy.