Why can’t you feed your dog that

The amount of times I have had a guest over who has gone to feed my dog a grape from the cheese board before I cry out, “You can’t feed him that!” is astronomical.

While most people are aware that chocolate is toxic to pets (well, we hope they are), many have no idea of the range of foods that are dangerous to our beloved canines and other pets.

We have selected the five least common foods that many people don’t realize can be bad for pets:

  1. Onions: Many people think nothing of giving their dogs leftover meatloaf or bolognese sauce, but don’t realise that the onions in the dish are actually toxic for pets. The reason they are toxic is because they contain a chemical called n-propyl disulfide, which means it is a sulfur compound that can prevent the red blood cells of your dog from correctly carrying oxygen throughout their bloodstream. On top of that, it can cause hemolysis. Big words, and a very bad experience for your dog!
  2. Grapes: Fruit can’t be bad, right? Wrong! Grapes are poisonous for dogs, this includes the dry varieties of raisins and sultanas, and anything that contains them. Originally, it was thought that mycotoxin (the toxin produced by a fungus or mold) or a salicylate (aspirin-type) drug that’s found organically in grapes were the culprits .More recently, it has been considered that tartaric acid may be the cause. Regardless, grapes cause excessive thirst, vomiting, and diarrhea and decreased blood flow to the kidneys which can result in irreversible kidney damage. The telltale sign is farting, lots and lots of farting.
  3. Avocados: The idea that the genteel, creamy avocado can be toxic to dogsconfuses many owners who seemingly believe the myth that the danger is in them choking on the avocado seed. The real danger is the toxicity of persin in the whole avocado, as well as the fat content. Ingestion can result in heart problems such as myocardial necrosis and pancreatitis. Not good!
  4. Artificial sweeteners: With the rise of sugar-free options for weight-conscious pet owners, artificial sweeteners can be found in everything from low-calorie ice cream to candy, chewing gum, and even keto desserts. Most of the time, the artificial sweetener is called xylitol, which can be quickly absorbed in the bloodstream of the dog and trigger hypoglycemia, the results of which can be life-threatening for dogs
  5. Cooked bones: How many times have we wanted to give our dogs the bone from the family roast? It’s a no-no, as it’s incredibly dangerous for dogs to eat cooked bones. The reason why is that they can become brittle when cooked, which increases the likelihood of your dog swallowing a large and often very sharp part of bone, causing what could be massive internal damage.

What can I give my dog instead? We got your back!

Your pet is family and deserves to be treated just as much as you treat yourself (which we hope is often!)

We have curated safe, allergy-free, and human-grade treats so you can feel confident they will not only make your dog happy and satiated, but are also 100% dog-friendly.

  • Is Fifi a lover of all things fishy? Our Carpius Maximus Carp Planks will ensure she slathers you with fishy kisses for hours after wrapping her little chompers around these delights.
  • If your cuddly canine has a sensitive tummy, our Frog Hoppers are the perfect go-to snack. The natural chew, with super high hypoallergenic frog protein is unlikely to cause any discomfort or allergic reaction. Parfaitement délicieux, as the French would say.
  • Training time? Our Bacon Cheddar Bites might be tiny, but they are mighty in taste. I mean, who wouldn’t obey for the reward combo of bacon and cheese, right?
  • Show them some love – literally – with our Veggie Hearts. The nutritious training-time treat are heart-shaped flavor and nutrition bombs combining veggies, oats, and luxurious coconut oil.
  • Is your pooch partial to something special? Our Duck Delights are a blend of skinless duck breast and whole chia seeds, pomegranate, pumpkin, and kale, combined and slow-roasted for a treat that’s so good, I eat them !.

It has to be said, we’ve tested our treats on some of the most discerningly fussy eaters, we guarantee there’s something for everyone. Even humans.

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